Hi, I’m China Carnella, and I am the artist behind the Colormobile. I am currently rolling around the USA with my partner and black cat, Cupcake, in a camper van not unlike the one featured in the Colormobile’s logo.

One might say that I love bright colors, and one would not be lying! They are what make the wheels of The Colormobile turn. There will, however, likely be space in the future of The Colormobile for more toned-down works of art. As well, I have licensed some properties from other artists for POD purposes and, if they make their way into an art piece, it will always be noted as a Collab in the listing. Otherwise, all artwork has been 100% created by me.

My purpose at the outset of this colorful journey is to provide you with the highest quality, exciting imagery manufactured with exceptional quality standards in North America and shipped from the USA.

I am so glad to have you with me aboard the bright and exciting Colormobile!