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OK, I am back blogging as if it’s 2010, but that was my original intent anyway. I remember the days when artists used to have such colorful, wonderful blogs and miss them!

I created a Facebook page and an Instagram account eight months ago and was avidly posting to both of them. Recently Meta (Facebook and Instagram) made the announcement that they were going to start scraping everyone’s public posts to train their AI. All in the name of ‘Technological Advances, Good Sir!” Yes indeed. Several artists (not enough, in my opinion) decided to stop using their services - at least for professional use. 

So, I recently made my IG account private and deleted all hashtags related to art, illustration, and licensing. That is now basically a dead account. There are a little over 100 posts, and fewer followers. And I will no longer post anything there. As if their algorithm as of late wasn’t frustrating enough, this move, this bold, narcissistic move, this entirely entitled move, basically rang the death knell on my willingness to participate in their ecosystem. 

That being said, over the years I have had several major obstacles thrown in my path of creating and focusing on my art. This one will surely not stop me, as others have (I had to take a ten-year hiatus from 2012-2022). I will continue creating art in private, participating in challenges in private, building out my Illustration portfolio in private. And the Colormobile shop will continue to showcase more fun abstracts on items and probably, eventually, handmade items once I settle into a new home.


As an introvert, I am never quite sure what to say in my blog, and the older I get, the more this is true. On my old China Carnella Fine Art / My Journey to Surtex blog, I seemed to be able to chat on endlessly about anything! My guess is that I will gladly show mockups of some of my items in the Shop here, and explain how these pieces were created. As well, I’ll likely show sections of new licensable illustrations and blog about them. Unfortunately, as long as the little tech thieves are running around like nasty two-year-olds, nothing will be shown in great detail, except possibly for my abstracts. 

That said, if there is anything you’d like me to blog about, I invite you to reach out and comment 🩷

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