Ode to Viva Magenta

Ode to Viva Magenta

We are crossing over the Mogollon Rim today. I just told my partner that, although I appreciate los piñons, the clean mountain air, and the views, the only way I could live in the cultural wasteland that is Northern Arizona is if I lived in a glass house with white furniture, pink lights, and a slowly revolving disco ball.


That being said, 


Who is loving it that Viva Magenta is the color of the Year for 2023? I am! Let’s face it, I love pink. In my life, I have moved close to 40 times, and decorating is one of my favorite activities. I love designing new spaces. In honor of that, let’s have some fun with Viva Magenta.


How can you decorate with Viva Magenta?

 Well, grab your disco balls and let’s go shopping!


Magenta Is a deep pinkish red hue, and you can use it with lighter colors, or you can use it with darker colors.




For Just a Touch, You Can Use it On: 


Pillows, curtains, and furniture:




Or on a sofa. I mean, who doesn’t want a pink velvet sofa?




You could purchase some gorgeous fabrics, and make anything:




You can set Magenta against a dark or light background:



To see this fine art print in the Shop, click here.



But what does Magenta go with?

Magenta goes with:




Other Pinks

Earthy Green







A Nice Idea


Magenta is the complete lack of green, so pairing it with it’s opposite works well. Think of pink flowers against an earthy green wall. How pretty, right?


Or with something more Emerald Green:



Magenta is such a great color, I only hope to do many more paintings with it in the upcoming days. Get ready for a pink wave 💗



Sayanara and Sweet Dreams…

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