Little Fang-Toothed Princess

Little Fang-Toothed Princess

We’ll, it was bound to happen. A portrait of my cat. I was trying for a redo of this 2016 Party Gato piece that I had done (with obvious reckless exuberance). 


I hit a mini-slump while working on more complicated images for licensing and decided to recreate an old piece, the Party Gato, just for fun. Party Gato is just a mixed media piece on canvas that I threw together about eight years ago, that somehow turned into a cat. I don’t think I even had my little fang-toothed princess, Cupcake, yet. Party Gato is a fun and very lopsided piece that I didn’t bother correcting because it was pretty much for my eyes only. 


As I worked on the recreation in Procreate, I realized it was turning into a portrait of Cupcake, and so I had to draw her looking askance because she really just hates having her picture taken and always looks away. She yawned when I showed it to her.


Colorful cat painting

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